What is Health and Wellness Coaching?

We’re already a whole month into the new year and I want you to ask yourself – have you started this year the same way as last year? Even though you vowed 2020 would be the year you looked after your health and wellness? New year, new you? In reality it’s been four weeks, and nothing has changed? Ask yourself what will happen to your health and wellness if nothing changes and you continue down the same path for another 6 months, another year? How will you feel? What will you look like? Where will you be? Will you be happy?

Some of us know we need to make changes, but sometimes it just plain hard. We are confused and not sure where to start, life gets in the way, we are time poor or simply overwhelmed by the idea of making changes, despite knowing that we need to. 

Have you ever started a diet at the beginning of a new year only to stop it two, four or twelve weeks later because you got distracted, you lost your will power or you lost the motivation to keep it going? Do you find yourself falling back into your old habits, putting on weight that you fought so hard to shed, and suddenly you are back where you started?  Well have I got good news for you! This is where a Health and Wellness Coach can help you! They get you from A to B by supporting you in making changes that will last a lifetime.  Now they don’t tell you what you should be doing, you probably already know that anyway. A coach supports you through a relationship that promotes thought-provoking and creative processes that inspire and motivate you to reach your personal and professional potential, they will encourage you to self-motivate and self-regulate, leverage strengths, to navigate a journey of change and build other psychological resources needed to change for good. A coach will teach you mindfulness, self-awareness, positivity, hope, optimism, self-efficacy and resilience, by helping you understand your inevitable obstacles and avoiding changes that cause confusion, resistance, and ambivalence.

They do more listening than talking, more asking than telling, more reflecting than commenting. They don’t judge, they show compassion, and they facilitate your own self-discovery and forward movement for sustainable behaviour change, increased life satisfaction and becoming one’s best self. 

Imagine being able to work with your body and mind rather than continuously fighting a battle of self-doubt, negative talk, and shame.  Imagine being at peace with yourself, how would that feel? What would that look like? 

You don’t need to keep wondering – let’s make it happen! 

Call me for a 30min discovery chat, what are your health and wellness problems and how can I help you solve them? 

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