What is Health and Wellness?

What does health and wellness mean to you? Do you feel healthy and well?  Maybe I can help you define health and wellness and you can decide if you are healthy and well.  

They say health is a state of being free from illness and injury and that wellness is a state of being in good health as an active pursued goal. So, they are saying these are things that we need to work on consistently through life to achieve health and wellness.

These are the topics that you might like to think about when considering your own personal health and wellness.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY simply put we all need to do it, we know it helps improve our physical, emotional and mental health so why isn’t at the top of the list of things to do in our day? The research is out there, so what stops your from doing it daily?

EMOTIONAL & STRESS MANAGEMENT – while stress management has been around for a while, emotional health is becoming more important in our everyday living. We will never be able to stop our  thoughts and feelings whether they are positive or negative , but we can become aware of our emotions thoughts and feeling and deal with them in a healthy way instead of trying to numb them with our bad habits,  mine being over eating “OUCH”

SELF-CARE – my favourite, I love a bit of self-care, now it doesn’t mean I’m selfish I’m just taking time out for myself to make me a better me.  I find taking time out for myself helps quieten the mind and it gives time for the heart and soul to sing. So, what that means it I can dig deep to find direction and purpose and do activities that take care of my mental emotional, and spiritual health.  

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT – haven’t well all struggled with this one? Hand up! I tell you I’ve got vertigo I from going up and down so many times with my weight and yes, it’s dam hard.  I know I must adopt long term healthy food choices and healthy eating habits to maintain a healthy body weight. So, what’s healthy? We have so many choices and so many experts telling us this and that frankly I don’t know who to believe.  I have discovered and started to understand my “FOOD MIND” You know the voices in your head?  That’s another story.  I have found listening to my body rather than my mind has certainly helped in maintaining my body weight. Maybe that will help you too.

The good and bad news is, the bad first, health and wellness requires work, commitment and consistency, good news you can do it at our own pace one little step at a time, just one foot after the other, and if you like I can help you along the way and yes I can go slow, just for you 😊

Need some help with your health and wellness? Let’s have a chat and see if I can help you. 

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