Nature Connection

Nature can help

Do you sometimes life is busy, challenging, overwhelming and just plain stressful?  Events, situations and the decisions we make all affect us differently physically mentally and emotionally.  Taking time out for yourself to quieten your mind and to calm your soul is so important to maintain a state of wellbeing.

Many years ago, I started hiking and getting out into the bush, I enjoyed it so much that hiking and outdoor adventure has become a part of my life. The physically side it great but the thing that keeps me going back for more is the connection with nature. I became very interested in the effects the nature connection was having on my wellbeing that I began to study Shinrin-yoku and other forms of nature bathing and nature therapy and the benefits that it has on our wellbeing.

So, what is Skinrin-yoku? – Basically, it’s where you walk, sit, or lie down in nature and connect your 5 sense to nature and become mindful of your surroundings, on a deeper level it is mindful nature meditation.

In 2019 I visited the Akasawa Forrest in the Kiso area in Japan where Shinrin-yoku first originated in the 1980’s. They have Dr’s and nurses on site where they do physical and mental assessments on Tokyo businessmen they are then prescribed an amount of time that they need to spend in the forest once completed they are then re assessed and either prescribed more time or allowed to return to work.

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