Mindful Movement

Exercise, do I really need to do it?

We all know exercise and movement is good for us, not only physically but also mentally! We were born to move, and life gets so much better when we do!

You want to believe this, but you’ve tried every new exercise fad under the sun. You hate exercise and are done trying to make it part of your routine? And you’re probably skeptical that anything I say will make a difference, right?  

Exercise is more than just movement, it’s a mindset. “Mindful Movement” means changing your mindset to focus on what exercise brings to your life, instead of what it takes from you. 

At first glance it does seem like exercise will take from you – it takes time, energy, and often a lot of money. No wonder you constantly make excuses! But if we change our mindset on what exercise can give to us, you might even find reasons to stick with it. Think of exercise as a GIFT, it gives you the gift of movement, health, strength, calmness, and quality of life, are they the gifts you would like to receive?


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